2014 Activities and Campaign

Our skill development measure

NISTAR TRUST has been actively engaged in social transformation. We contribute being committed to enhance the living standard of everyone among the unprivileged. Our prime focus occupies always to invest our time and energy for the skill development in our unprivileged youth. Our skill development measure also aims to empower the youth through skill ,knowledge and qualification.

we are always part of building future India.

NISTAR TRUST has actively been engaged in taking every measure that will help in establishing the future Berhampur, i.e. , demand for IIM in Berhampur, demand to include Berhampur in the Smart City list for Odisha etc.

25.8.2014, Seminar in College, Jagannath Prasad

15.9.2014, Seminar in S. D. Women’s College, Berhampur

16.9.2014, Seminar in City College, Berhampur

28.11.2014, Seminar in Deva Sthana Mahavidyalaya College, B.D.Pur

2014- Free Graphics Design Training

In 2014-Free Graphic Design Training provided to a batch of unpriviledged students
On Jan. 2, 2014 the Board of NISTAR TRUST took a decision to offer with the help of A.R.K. Animation & Research Academy, the Premier organisation under NISTAR “Graphics Design” training, a professional career oriented course to a batch of needy students free of any charges to help them to build their career. It was a six months course with total Graphics Design Training. For which 12 financially back ward, underprivileged students were enrolled and continued to be trained from 6th January 2014.