2013 Activities and Campaign

10th DEC. 2013 Social Activity Measure

A Meeting To Address Various Social ProblemsThe main purpose of our social commitment and complete dedication is towards the upliftment of the weaker section , basically of SC, ST, minority ,women and also our rural educated youth in the South Odisha region. On Dec.10, 2013, a meeting was arranged inviting M.L.A. as the chief guest, to honour the newly elected Mayor, Dy. Mayor of Berhampur city and most of the reputed leaders of the District were also invited. We tried to draw the attention of all these eminent leaders of Ganjam District to address various problems related to water supply, street roads, drains, cleanliness, replacing the damaged electric polls, water logging in low line areas during rainy seasons etc. We tried our best that the authorities be resolved to find solutions towards almost all problems people face on regular basis.

1st Dec. 2013, Health Awareness Activities

Generating Awareness Mentioning Causes, Treatment And Precautions About AIDS
On AIDS DAY 1st Dec. 2013 a meeting was arranged for generating awareness to create an AIDS free environment. With M.L.A. Sri Ramesh Chandra ChauPattnaik as the Chief Guest the meeting was conducted. Leaflets with detailed information about AIDS mentioning the causes, the treatment and the precautions to stay away from AIDS, were circulated among general mass.

11th Nov 2013 Post Phailin Activity Measures

NISTAR TRUST made joint efforts with Gajapati Nagar Jubajyoti Parisada and with SOPA.NISTAR TRUST with Gajapati Nagar GAJAPATI NAGAR YUBAJYOTI PARISADA went to the Municipal Corporation to meet mayor to report all problems of the area due to the hit of the cyclone ‘Phailin' to help speed up of the post Phailin restoration works by creating awareness about them. Copies of the letter were also given to the Executive Engineer in Municipal Corporation to make him aware about the under repair and damaged roads and also to the Electrical Engineer for the urgent need of the repairing and replacement as required of the damaged electric wires and polls for street lighting.

1st May 2013,seminar on Multimedia & Animation in Berhampur

A.R.K.A.R. Academy is trying making people aware about animation careers and professions through its short 2d/3d animation videos . Though people are educated and computer literate, most have no idea about animation and they are simply not aware of the vast field of animation and multimedia careers. For those art loving and creative students one animation career should be the first and foremost choice. We are trying that to convince showing our little efforts in animation works.For this reason a seminar was arranged on animation and multimedia by A.R.K.A.R. Academy.
On 6th April 2013, on Foundation Day of NISTAR, a painting competition was arranged in A.R.K.A.R. Academy for school children. Students participated the competition enthusiastically. Student with extra ordinary creativity and artistic talents were presented with prizes and also there was a participatory rewards for everyone who had joined the competition.

6th April 2013, Painting Competition for School Students

Painting by Participant Students