a) Characteristics of the Organization

i) We have all the Basic infrastructure to achieve the goals and objectives of any project such as Hi-Tech Office.

(computers with all the Peripherals, Broad band internet connection)

ii) We have highly qualified, experienced and professional personnel in our board.

iii) We also have a panel of legal experts who dedicate themselves towards the objectives of the organization and project.

iv) Secretary and other two trustees to the board are Women.

v) Level Of Action: National & Grassroots

vi) Funding Sources: Our funds come from individual donations and Students’ fees.

b) History

As NGOs' contributions are vital to the development of our country, the founder members of NISTAR TRUST acknowledged the need to work in the south Odisha region and decided to ascertain NISTAR TRUST, as a nongovernmental organization in the year 2011.

Date of Creation

Established on Dt. 06 Apr. 2011, NISTAR TRUST started small with 5 members . It is a non-political and non-governmental organization and is engaged in various social, educational and health related activities. NISTAR TRUST is a secular, humanitarian organization in nature and NISTAR TRUST basically is dedicated for the development of unprivileged and marginalized communities in society through its innovative steps and also with its initiatives towards literacy, computer literacy and skill development.

c) Registration

Registered in Sub Registrar Office, Brahmapur on Dt.03.10.2013 as per the Indian Trust Act, 1882, NISTAR TRUST is a Public charitable Trust at Brahmapur, Ganjam. ‘NISTAR TRUST’ and its functionary office presently At: Gajapati Nagar Extn.-1, Po: Brahmapur, Ps: Bodyanathpur, Dist: Ganjam, Odisha, India.

With Founder Secretary-cum-chief functionary : Mrs. Minakhi Devi,

Mr. Niranjana Satapathy as Founder President and

Mrs. Bijayalaxmi Misra,

Mrs. Sujata Kumari Sabata,

Mr. Ananta Narayana Pattanaik

as the founder members & Trustees ;

NISTAR TRUST was registered on the 3rd day of October 2013 as Public Charitable Trust.

d) Current Working Area

Initially, NISTAR was largely focusing in southern regions of Odisha and was started with the task in mind, the development in South Odisha i.e. , Livelihood Promotion, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Combat Trafficking and to work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children and women and also to eradicate discrimination in any form of gender, caste, religion or region.

Our Approach to Rural Development

Gradually the organisation shifted its priorities from mere development of Southern Odisha region to the larger growth of the poor communities in Odisha and the work is now to focus on long term, multi-sectoral, integrated rural development in India. The larger goal is poverty alleviation and eradication uplifting the rural and urban poor mass and besides children, NISTAR also started working for tribals, Dalits, women in distress and disabled persons. The establishment of NISTAR was a pioneering effort in this direction.

We took unconventional steps of engaging and influencing the authorities in its mission to fight poverty. The Board is collectively pledged to make NISTAR a learning and forward-looking organisation, an organisation that provides an enabling environment which is open and transparent.

The strategy not only encouraged the growth of NISTAR as a grassroots NGO but also as a national level NGO.